Zoysia Lawn Care Products

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Zoysia Lawn Care Products

Below are our top picks for the best Zoysia lawn care products.

Zoysia Seed

There are VERY few Zoysia seeds on the market, most FINE blade Zoysia is sold via sod or plugs. The Zoysia seed that Doc used is listed below and is a medium thickness blade, but germination and establishment went VERY well.  Keep in mind, while many seeds germinate in 3-5 days, Zoysia can take up to 12 days.


PGF Complete 16-4-8 is one of the TOP selling lawn fertilizers and is your GO TO BASE FERTILIZER for Zoysia. TINY particles give you the BEST distribution and the balanced SLOW released nutrients are perfect. It also contains IRON, MICRO Nutrients, and HUMIC DG.

PGF Complete 16-0-8  same as above (PGF Complete) but for lawns with high phosphorus.

PGF Balance 10-10-10 fast release for lawns with low phosphorus or used in the Jump Start program in late winter, or a quick phosphorus boost.

GreenShocker is a MILD, supplement fertilizer (NOT SLOW RELEASE) that can be applied anytime for a quick PUNCH of green. Can be used on ANY type of grass, anytime during the growing season. GreenShocker gives YOU TOTAL control of feedings.




Soil Improvements

Humichar® is a spreadable, pelletized form of bio-char and humic acid mixed.  It’s ONLY job is to improve your soil. HumiChar is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment containing 50% high-quality humic acid and 50% granulated biochar — Provides the benefit of quickly-available humic acid and the long-term soil building qualities of the biochar that lasts for decades

DIRT BOOSTER – Dirt Booster is an all-natural compost starter and soil amendment for gardens. Dirt Booster contains corn distillates, molasses, biochar, and humic acid. Corn Distillates are the main organic matter that the microbes eat. The particles are very small and flaky compared to other organic material that is larger and takes longer to breakdown. It comes with a microbe and fungus booster pack to be sprayed on your lawn.


Super Juice

Super Juice is DRY POWDER that is mixed with water and is a mild spray supplement that can be applied to any lawn, at anytime, even newly planted seeds.  It contains main nutrients, micros, humic acid, sea kelp and iron.  Super Juice is so versatile we even use on our gardens and flower beds.

Hose End Spray Bottles

Sold in pairs, about $19, and that includes shipping. 20-1 ratio.

Pre Emergent for Zoysia Lawns

Granular Pre Emergent that Doc recommends. The DG (dispersible granual) instantly breaks down into 1000s of sub-particles. Available in 18 and 40 lb bags. (Step #1 in our split program)

Spray pre-emergent for step #2 in our split program. This product will also have POST emergent killing effect on young crabgrass that has broken through step #1

Grubs – Bugs – Armyworms

Doc’s #1 choice for total bug, grub, and armyworm control is the “double kill” Duocide below.  He recommends that all lawns get at least one treatment in the early fall or late summer. Not only will this kill grubs, but mole crickets, army worms, ants, fleas, ticks, and more pests.

Quick Kill Spray – Doc likes permethrin spray for army worms, mole crickets, ticks and fleas. read the label for application rates. This is dog safe (not cat safe) and is often used on livestock.

Lawn Fungus Prevent and Treatments

Granular treatment Prophesy is formulated on  DG Pro granule carrier which allows for uniform spreading with any professional rotary spreader, and these unique patented granules enhance efficacy. The typical application rate range for Prophesy fungicide is 2.5 – 5.0 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. Prophesy is labeled to suppress or control: brown patch, dollar spot, anthracnose, summer patch, take all patch, fusarium patch, and many more common turf diseases.

Green Spray Dye

Best Reel Mower

Doc’s favorite reel mower is the Mclane 25″ series linked below. He has MANY videos explaining why.





Best Large Lawn Spreader

Once you USE IT… you’ll fall in love with its performance. 

With more and more lawn treatments become lighter, the SIZE of your hopper becomes more important.  The new ProGrade spreader is the perfect balance of hopper volume capacity, (15 gallons) carry weight (100 pounds), quality and price. (About $300 including shipping)  It’s a mid range on the price scale for lawn spreaders, but handles like a professional $600 unit.




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